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Quick & Easy wth iMethod Beauty.

Hi Beautiful,
Are you struggle with perfecting your brows?
 iMethod Eyebrow Stamp Stencil Kit will be your dream.
It's not just how easy to use it is either, the tool works SO well! 



How To Use Your New Brow Stamp Kit, Step-By-Step:

 Step 1: 

Choose the stencil from 20 Eye brow Shaping Kit,
which is most fitting to your natural brow grow.
Step 2:
With the chosen stencil in hand,
align the tail end of the stencil to the tail end of your eyebrow. 
Lay the stencil flat on your brow and place.
Make sure that the angle of the stencil is the same for both brows.
        Step 3: 
Take the sponge applicator and begin to
pat lightly starting at the tail of your brow,finishing at your
most fitting brow length.Remove the stencil.
If necessary realign and repeat to darken brows.
Take spoolie and brush through the brows
to distribute and soften the look of the makeup.


      iMethod Eyebrow Pomade Why you will love it

This iMethod eyebrow stamp has excellent staying power with

a wear time of 16 hours.

Rest assured, it will last you all through the day and evening

without the need for reapplication.

iMethod Eyebrow Pomade How to Get Pomade



iMethod eyebrow pomade achieves

everything from natural-looking texture to

bold outlining and filling for more dramatic brow looks.


iMethod Eyebrow Pomade Find Your shade


*The color may look lighter or darker on different skin shades.

We would love to provide a replacement if you are not satisfied with the color or other aspects.


iMethod Eyebrow Pomade for Everyone


Why not be better and more beautiful with iMethod Beauty?

We are always here to help.


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